Global Advisory and Socio Economic Equity

We warmly welcome you to IXCEL. We are a global advisory firm accompanied by unique support based Socio Economic Fund.

Socio Economic Fund

IXCEL through its Socio Economic Enterprise Creation (SEEC) fund actively invests in early stages, growth driven impact ventures based on a unique support based investment model. We occasionally jointly run such enterprises. Currently IXCEL has investments in Green Energy, Education Technology, Information Systems, Telecom, Textiles and Art sectors.

Full of entrepreneurial zeal, we believe in merit, hard work, social mobility and relationships based on trust. IXCEL and its global partners keep generating wonderful ideas and the best ones are being developed to become exciting and profitable ventures. We support innovation in multiple sectors.

Portfolio Companies

IXCEL Global Advisory

Since 2015 IXCEL has provided unrivalled advisory in the fields of Energy, Mining and Minerals, Information Systems, Hospitality, Human Resources and Art.

Interested being part of this journey as a client, potential contributor or potential business partner, send us a message at i@ixcel.co