Socio Economic Enterprise Creation & Global Business Advisory

Code of conduct

The principles which comprise this code stand together as a whole rather independently of each other. Application of these principles should stand up to the scrutiny of a third party.

Act with integrity

Integrity is the fundamental building block of trust in business relationships. Trust is built upon repeated interactions between individuals which involve clarity, reliability and honesty. Integrity implies that competitive advantage and commercial success is derived through application of superior individual and collective skill and no through use of manipulative or deceptive devices or practices.

Acting with Integrity implies not seeking to evade or avoid the consequences of error.

Keeping promises

Ethical business behaviour implies keeping promises regardless of whether or not there is a legal obligation to do so. Promises are made in the light of circumstances known at the time that the promise is made. Promises made are of equal importance regardless of to whom they are made.

Disclose conflict of interest

Conflicts of interest are diligently identified and disclosed to all parties concerned.

Conflicts of interest arise inevitably within business and occur when a person who has a duty to another also has a personal or professional interest that might interfere with the exercise of independent judgement.


In order to safeguard the interest of our partners in business reasonable steps are always takes to protect information from inappropriate disclosure.

Rigour and due diligence

Success in commercial enterprise requires the generation and analysis of options and the rigorous pursuit of competitive advantage. Any information provided will be diligently used to understand the investment case and a fair analysis and feedback provided to the management team.