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Restaurant management

Helping restaurateurs fulfil their potential

We have a fantastic team of professionals to assist any business. The very important personal touch is the key to the success of this new breed of consulting company.

Before you launch your restaurant, a business plan written by a restaurant consultant is a vital blueprint that you must have that will detail every aspect of opening your restaurant and establish how you plan to be profitable during the first couple of years.

Without the vital strategic thought that goes into this planning document, you will be taking key decisions which are not backed by a growth strategy.  Furthermore, no bank or funding source will consider lending you money without a well thought out business plan.

Our restaurant consultants will create business plans on a bespoke basis for restaurants and hospitality businesses. These include an executive summary, articulation of your restaurant concept, target demographics, location analysis, industry and category overview and trends, competition analysis, customer profiling, business growth strategy.

Profile of key team members, openings strategy, marketing strategy, sample menus, introduction to the financials and a SWOT analysis for the business. We plan, advice, trained and support for improving all aspects of the restaurant business.  A full concept of menu designing and menu costing along with Operational procedures & systems Operational review for efficiencies Order guides Stock management & reconciliation and  on the top HACCP guidance.