Socio Economic Enterprise Creation & Global Business Advisory

Personnel Support

Short term secondments

Need senior finance support during busy period during financing, financial system implementation, reorganisation, integration. Certainly give us a call and may have the right level of resources to fill in the gap at a very attractive rates.

In case your finance team went through a quick turnover period and you are unable to recruit, give us a call and we may fill the position on a temporary basis.

Please note that our current offering does not include AP or other junior finance support, however they will change in the near future

Interim Cover

Need a senior financial person filling a maternity cover, long term illness or a growing or reorganising business need. We can certainly assist at short notice.

Contractors Support Agency or insurance cover

Visiting off shore, has certification but not insurance coverage. Let us know and we can certainly assist you in those circumstances. Similarly if you don’t want contractor’s on your book and need employment agency at super competitive rates, we will be more than willing to assist.

Offshore taxation support

If you are small company and some of the staff needs to go overseas and may incur tax liabilities, we can certainly arrange tax advice, compliance requirements and costs involved promptly.